Back at the Boat!

After a largely sleepless night at an airport hotel near SeaTac, we got up at 4am and headed into the airport for our 7am flight to Los Cabos.

Geared up for COVID safety!

The flight was about 25% full and had more than it’s share of people who, a year into the pandemic, were playing dumb about how to wear a mask. The Alaska flight attendants were diligent and persistent in reminding them how to do it.

We arrived into sunshine and 70 degrees which was a WONDERFUL change from the chilly monsoon and gale we left behind in Washington.

Customs and immigration were no problem this time for us – breezed through and got the green light so no check of our bags!

We then picked up our rental car, and finally removed our safety gear with relief. 25 minutes later we were at Marina Puerto Los Cabos, where we stayed last year, and picked up our mountain of parts that our friends Kevin and Alison so graciously schlepped for us.

We filled the backseat with parts.

Hopefully these are parts that will ensure we never need them.

Two and half hours later after an easy drive up the toll road, passing Todos Santos, many cacti and numerous police cars, we arrived at Marina CostaBaja and Miss Miranda!

Looking beautiful in the late afternoon sun.

Larry unlocked the door and we proceeded to open windows, unload our massive amount of stuff and get our drinking water and heads operational. Now on to some dinner!

The Captain is back in his happy place!

11 thoughts on “Back at the Boat!”

  1. So excited for you! Boat looks gorgeous.. weather looks gorgeous…. tugging at our heartstrings! We will look forward to more intel from you and make a decision ourselves! Have fun!


  2. Incredible. I didn’t realize you were going to be able to transit to the boat in just one day. Looks so sunny and nice there. Glad the boat didn’t sink in the slip!
    As for the folks not understanding about Mask use… perhaps when the Media picks up on this obscure Public Health story they will pay a little more attention to it. Right now, the daily fatality rate is only at about, oh, say… 4 – 6 Jumbo Jets PER DAY. Perhaps when those numbers get up into the Bakers Dozen ‘O Jumbo Jets Full-a Dead People… maybe then will these fine folks agree that using a mask might just be a pretty good idea!


  3. I’m so glad all went well on the trip and Larry’s back in his happy place! Gwen I hope YOU get to relax now that you’re there. Stay safe but enjoy your time there!


  4. Congrats!! Hope all was well and no problems with Miss Miranda. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. Aunt Jan


  5. Welcome home and to the good side of the non-existent wall!!! Glad you made it safely and hope all is well with the boat. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be headed south to PV again, but if your plans change and you find yourselves in the area, let me know. Would be great to see you again! -Don Lewis


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