Settling in …

We all need some distracting reading away from the news of the day, so here’s an update on stuff we are finding as we reopen the boat.

This used to be a red, green and white Mexico flag – what happens in 9 months of exposure.

We know the temperatures here were around 100 for a few months during the summer time, and the humidity was quite low. Despite the record number of hurricanes this year, none of them hit this area at hurricane strength. The boat was looked after by some local boat watchers, but we still had some interesting findings. All of our canvas and screens were intact and in place, with the exception that the dingy cover had blown off and was hanging by a bungee cord, and the cover on the spotlight looked like it got burnt!

Not sure if this scorched canvas means we got hit by lightning!
Some of our lines were allowed to remain in the water and now have quite the beard of marine growth.

I have been pleased to find that all my galley preparations have meant that we did not return to a bug infestation – one of my big fears. I had tossed anything open, sealed stuff with my vacuum sealer and cleaned out the fridge and freezer – no mold in there either! The weirdest thing I found was that the tips of my rubber gloves were all melted away into a sticky goo.

And I thought I was using all natural products! Or maybe it was the 100+ temp.

Inside, the boat was covered in a thick layer of dust which I have been working through, and along the way we discovered that tools with rechargeable batteries, like our small vacuum, are all dead.

We have been spending much of the day, after having a good breakfast and relaxed wake up with coffee, working on our extensive task list. In the afternoon we are settling into a routine of siesta after late lunch, then walking the marina to get some exercise. The temperature is just lovely at mid-70s during the day, with a good breeze that can get stiff at times. In the evenings we enjoy the sunset, a beverage, and watching the birds.

All of our good tequila is intact!

This will be our typical day for the month of January as we work through a bunch of tasks, get the muffler replaced which is scheduled for late in the month, and watch the weather.

These two had quite the conversation about the fish in the left guy’s mouth.

6 thoughts on “Settling in …”

  1. I have some concerns. You have what looks like a Lightening Strike on your spotlight. In “War of the Worlds”, the Aliens used a Lightening effect to propel themselves from outer space into hiding places in the Earth. Then there are the mysteriously melted glove fingers. In “The Andromeda Strain”, the Alien virus mutated rapidly once inside the Earth’s atmosphere, and one of the consequences (which became a clue for the epidemiologists) was that an Air Force F4 Tomcat crashes after the panicking pilot radios that his plastic oxygen mask is dissolving. Then the crash investigators are shocked to find that every trace of rubber has been eviscerated from the plane. Third, the color from your flag has all mysteriously all bleached away. People from other Planets do not like pastels or bright colors. Gort from “The Day The Earth Stood Still” went with a brushed aluminum mono-color protective armor. Cyberdyne Systems Robots as seen in the Terminator movies very much favor basic black, usually with an urban biker flare. Most Aliens dress in off-white or pale grey, and they are very partial to tunics!

    Given the available evidence, I’d say there’s a good chance the boat has been invaded by Aliens. Given what’s going on in the rest of the world, I’d say that’s not the worst thing that could happen.


    1. John you are quite the entertaining nutty guy! Havenโ€™t seen any little green critters yet but will let you know if we do ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Looks as though you have a lot to do but have enough time to relax mid-task! So glad you found everything in such good order. Make some Palomas and enjoy the sunsets ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿธ

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  3. The weather sounds heavenly! Glad you didn’t have any nastiness waiting for you in the galley. I keep wondering what we’ll find when we’re finally allowed back to our Cayman condo… Relax (as much as you can) and enjoy!


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