East Coast of Baja California Sur

We left San Jose Del Cabo at a civilized time for a day’s journey to our intermediate stop before La Paz, on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula and our last stop with CUBAR. Bahía de los Muertos (muertos means dead) is also known as Bahía de Los Sueños (Bay of Dreams), which sounds better. It is a moderately protected anchorage and good stopping point for the day for travelers on the way to or from La Paz, or waiting to cross the Sea of Cortez to the mainland side of Mexico. 

Stunning vista on our port side for hours!
I imagine this is an old mission.

On the way, we watched the change in the coastline from desert browns and sands to lush greens.  Clearly there is more rain on this side of Baja.  Most of the coastline was empty, but at times villages were apparent.  We were several miles offshore so it was a bit challenging to get good photos and things were more visible through our binoculars.

We also listened to weather discussions on the radio of an incoming tropical storm – Tropical Storm Raymond. It was apparent that it would have some impact once we were in La Paz, but as the storm was a day or more away from us on the other side of Baja in the Pacific, we were fine to finish our transit over the next 48 hours.

Abandoned pier in the cove. Apparently much of the land surrounding this bay has become privately owned very recently.
A private hacienda overlooking the bay. It was unoccupied while we were there.

We got in to Muertos with just enough time to spare to take our first swim of the trip before the sun set and after we put out the flopper stopper.

The water temp was a luxurious 80 degrees.  I had no hesitation at jumping right in to cool off.  It is amazing how much saltier the water is than in the Pacific Northwest.  This makes us very buoyant.  Normally I have to work to stay afloat, but here I am perfectly neutral.   We have a faucet with freshwater on the back of the boat that pulls out to be a shower head, so getting the salt off is incredibly easy too.  We know how lucky we are!

The next morning it was up and out to La Paz!

A rainy, stormy welcome to La Paz.

4 thoughts on “East Coast of Baja California Sur”

  1. Beautiful photos. I love the little, old mission shot. Now I remember that it was the LaPaz airport that we flew into and out in a small four seater and the pilot would reach out of the window and wipe the oil off his windshield. We were in our 20s and so nothing scares you at that age. You landed and took off in the sand at Cabo San Lucas. Now I understand there is a highway all the way down to the tip. Glad the weather is good and you are having fun. Aunt Jan


    1. Jan I will have to tell you the story of our ill-fated Mexican fishing trip 25 years ago where we turned out to be in a tropical storm. We did live to tell about it.


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