Los Cabos

Sunrise offshore of Cabo San Lucas

We had a smooth 24 hour passage from Magdalena Bay to San Jose Del Cabo, which we timed to arrive at the marina on Sunday morning.  We were treated to a beautiful sunrise just outside Cabo San Lucas. 

The marina is outside of town in a fairly newly developed resort area.  Lots of fish were jumping in the marina bay, and multiple osprey hang out in the sail boat masts.      

About to have a well-deserved beer and taco lunch!

We relaxed with well deserved beers and lunch at El Marinero Boracho, or the Drunken Sailor.  Wonderful rooftop palapa on an apparently unusually hot day.  It was Sunday when we arrived, so not much happening around the marina and we needed to wait until Monday to check in with the Port Captain.

The marina hosts a “Swim with the Dolphins” location. Many of us on CUBAR were quite unhappy to see the small pens positioned inside the marina right across from the fuel dock as the home for dolphins. When we checked in we were informed that part of the next evening’s events would be a dolphin show. Many of us decided we would abstain.

The view across the marina from the bow of our boat.
The Port Captain’s Office
The osprey who arrived every morning to perch on the sailboat mast and plaintively call out to mom, or someone, to bring him food (at least that’s what it sounded like to me!).
Mexican Coast Guard boat fueling up.

The big excitement of the 3 day stay unfortunately was my adventure in dentistry.  I had been medicating myself for a tooth abscess in a previously root-canaled molar for most of our trip, knowing I could get it addressed here.  So, after checking into the Port Captain on Monday morning, we headed into town.  We had a stroll around the town plaza, which had this cool tribute to Frida Kahlo as part of the Day of Dead decorations still up.  It was quite a touristy area though, filled with shops and restaurants, and tourists (which includes us). 

Tribute to Frida Kahlo in the town square.

I left Larry and Sean to hang out with the crowd and ultimately explore tequila at a local shop, while I had the first of two visits to the dentist.   More on that in a different medical related post.

Fancy pharmacy I was sent to for medications inside the gigantic La Comer megastore in the “American” section of town.

That night the marina, Puerto Los Cabos, held a great party for us Cubaristas, which had to be changed to a covered venue at the last minute due to highly unusual rain storms.  Fortunately this meant we did not have the dolphin show. 

All we kept hearing was “It never rains here this time of year!”.    Unusual weather seems to be the norm at the moment.

The next day we said good-bye to Sean, the best crew member we could have asked for, as he flew home to his family and below freezing temperatures and snow in Boston.  Now it’s me and Larry until we see Miranda in December!

The crew preparing for our last overnight passage together.

2 thoughts on “Los Cabos”

  1. Wonderful post. Haven’t been to Cabo San Lucas since the 70s. it was the only hotel and you landed in dirt. No little airport and no road (now there is a highway) back up to the border. Our car broke down in the desert and a limo picked us up with a couple from LA in the car. Turned out she had just won an Oscar for her part as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—Louise Fletcher and her husband Jerry. Now divorced. We all went drinking in the Hotel Cabo San Lucas and that is all I remember. Now sounds like they have an entire town but the sunrise is still beautiful. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Your Aunt and Uncle and Mom and Dad were out last night on date night. Went to Independence for Chinese food. Kiss, kiss. Aunt Jan


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