Isla Coronados – Fog and Dolphins!

After an interesting time at Bahia Salinas, we rounded the top of Isla Carmen and headed over to Isla Coronados, where we had been earlier in the season.  With warmer weather and some southerly breezes, the time was right to anchor on the northwest side and hang out on the white sand beach.  It was much busier with pangas bringing day trippers over from Loreto, but we had it pretty much to ourselves in the evenings.  We spent a couple of days beach lounging, soaking up the sun and wading into the aqua water.

We awoke on the morning we knew we would have to move to the other side because of shifting wind to find ourselves socked in with good old northwest style fog!  What a shock.  We hadn’t known this might happen here (but later reviewed the paragraph in the guide that mentions it as a spring and summer phenomena).  The volcano was shrouded in fog, and at times it was so dense we couldn’t see the other boat in the anchorage.  The quintessential northwest sound of foghorns seems to be missing in Mexico.   

This was late in the morning after much had burned off but still shrouded the volcano.

As it started to lift, we pulled up anchor to head around to the other side of the island.  As we rounded the turn, a pod of dolphins headed right for us.  They were very big dolphins, and they seemed to be having a fabulous time, leaping and diving.  We clapped and yelled for them, and this seemed to make them jump even more – right next to the boat!    I was lucky to get a few shots off – they were so close I wasn’t sure it was going to work with my telephoto lens, but I positioned myself as best I could and managed some lucky shots.  

On his way up.
On his way down.
You can see how close they were!

6 thoughts on “Isla Coronados – Fog and Dolphins!”

  1. Amazing pictures! Looks as though the Dolphins could have jumped into the boat!💕🤗💕🤗

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  2. Those dolphin shots are fantastic! And the dolphins look so much larger than the ones I have seen riding the bow in other boats.


  3. Gwennie—two of my favorite things—fog and dolphins. Of course, I don’t like to drive in it so probably wouldn’t like boating in it. Love ya, Aunt Jan


  4. I recently re-read “A Voyage for Madmen” by Peter Nichols which is the story of the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race wherein nine sailors set off to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe… nonstop! The race was won by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson (who many of us have had the pleasure of meeting through the Clipper Round The World race) but by far the most experienced sailor in the group was Frenchman Bernard Moitessier.

    Moitessier was a flawless, intuitive navigator who could effortlessly weave his way through the most challenging waters. But one beautiful morning far off in the South Pacific he had gone thought an area chocked with small islands and shoals. It was tiring and stressful and once he was beyond the danger point, he went to the bow of his boat, relaxed with some Yoga and fell deep into thought as he gazed out the ever expanding Pacific ocean before him.

    Only the Pacific wasn’t ever expanding, it was rapidly diminishing! He had somehow come about enough that he was heading back towards those islands and a huge rocky shoal lie just ahead. Just at that time, a HUGE pod of dolphins swam up and kept apace with the boat. This was not all that unusual. Then something EXTRAORDINARY happened. A subset of that group would fall back to the stern of his vessel,
    RACE to the bow, then VEER sharply to the right. Then as in formation that same sub-group would line up at the stern, race to the bow and veer to starboard. Again. And again. And again.

    Moitessier was fascinated. He had NEVER seen anything like it. Then it struck him… “OH MY GOD”! He catapulted out of his his reverie, checked his position and realized he was heading straight for a coral reef that would have turn the bottom of his boat right out from under him. He was less than 5 minutes from utter disaster.

    How do you explain something like this? It’s almost supernatural to me. How could the dolphins possibly have the capacity to warn a human being? But on the other hand, how could this possibly be a coincidence? Well… I’m utterly fascinated by it. For anyone reading this Blog if you have not read “A Voyage for Madmen” I think you’d enjoy it. It’s one of those stories that is so good you think “you can’t make this stuff up!”.


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