Agua Verde

Agua Verde is right around the corner from Bahía San Marte, so we had a short but windy and wavy cruise to the anchorage.

Northern lobe of the anchorage.
Great day and wonderful spot.

There are many Roca Blancas and Roca Negras along the coast, but this one is called Roca Solitaria. It greeted us as we entered the anchorage.

We nestled into the northern cove of the anchorage, seeking protection from westerly and northerly winds. Of course, at one point southerly winds kicked up, and we ended up moving away from the beach farther out into the cove. We are still learning the winds around here!

We went to shore with the intention of hiking, perhaps into town, and getting some awesome photos from higher up.

Larry smiling because the boat is in a great spot!

There is a steep short rocky road leading up out of the northern bay that starts in front of fishing shack inhabited by a sweet elderly man and his dog. I suspect it was he who put this sign at the top to prevent people getting stuck in front of his home. It also is a warning to walkers – I ended up sliding on some rocks and skinning my knee pretty well on the way back down at the end of our walk.

This says “Peligro” – meaning danger. 4×4 only

We walked the ridge road until it connected up with the main road. The connector to Aguaverde comes off the main highway 1 that is the main paved highway along Baha. This road is over 20 miles of dirt road.

The village itself is clearly more prosperous than other fishing villages we have seen. The houses are very well kept, have solar panels and many have various things like kayaks in the yard, which to me means more disposable income available.

The walk to the village from the north anchorage is about a mile and half. We were glad we brought water – it was fairly hot and dusty.

This cow didn’t make it.
This was the first time I had seen this type of tree – I called it a ghost tree. Turns out it is quite common.

The next day we kayaked around the anchorage during a calm period.

When the time came to up anchor, we experienced the most sea grass on the anchor yet!

I love the cactus in the bottom – seems to be saying Yay!

5 thoughts on “Agua Verde”

  1. Looks like you had the anchorage almost to yourself ! Bonus! It is a beautiful place, especially when it’s not windy …
    You should see it at semana sante (sp?) ….that road that is almost unwalkable? Numerous trucks and cars file down it and there are literally dozens and dozens of tents and trailers and people spread all along the beach… a very fun and joyful time but not very restful!


  2. Dear Gwennie—I agree with the cheering cactus in the last picture. Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I must say, you are becoming a really, really good photographer. I could see your first photo on the cover of a calendar. Are you just using your cell phone camera or using a more foo, foo one? Aunt Jan


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