At the Dock in Brookings

Our first day in Brookings we worked away on the standard tasks like cleaning up what had become a messy dirty boat. It’s kind of hard to vacuum or do much in the way of dishes when we are rolling around. Not to mention, our trash compactor had shorted out while compacting just after leaving Neah Bay and we had to wait until we were back on shore power to be able to open it again so our trash had accumulated.

It was a bit smelly on the transient docks. We were the only pleasure boat amongst the fishing boats that were also taking refuge from the weather. But, it wasn’t as bad as it was in Petersburg this summer with the cannery running full blast! This was a working commercial dock. No amenities other than the fuel dock and a huge dusty parking lot full of hundreds of crab pots. Very economical spot for us.

View from our stern to our neighbor.

We were right across from the Coast Guard station, and had full view of their basketball court. It’s a good thing they are so good at rescuing people because they could not earn a living playing basketball.

You can see both of the Coast Guard boats peaking out here. They were across the channel from us.

The first night we watched them doing exercises in the channel in front of us clearly practicing tying up to and towing another boat. They move fast!

The red small craft warning flag flying in the wind at the Coast Guard station. This was finally gone Friday morning when we departed.

We walked to explore the marina area and around the jetty to the beach side. The beach was the prime scenic view in the marina area. It felt wonderful to walk with short sleeves and feel the sun on our skin. We are definitely moving into the land of summer.

We several excellent shrimp meals out at two nearby places. Local shrimp are in season and are good-sized and very tasty.

A parking lot neighbor to us. Don’t worry Mom, we did not have any tattoo emergencies.

Our friend Judy, half of our friends Stuart and Judy from Anacortes, picked us up for shore leave to spend a night at her home and graciously chauffeured us around on supply errands and to the Redwood forest, which I have always wanted to see.

Panoramic shot attempt to capture the entire height of one of these majestic trees.
It was amazing to stand next to these gigantic stumps from fallen (not logged) trees.
Amazing bark overgrowth resembling a face! Must have been quite an infection or injury that made it grow so exuberantly.

Overall a fantastic stop!

One thought on “At the Dock in Brookings”

  1. What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for taking us along with your very descriptive blogs. I look forward to them! LYPTS&B



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