The Final Leg

Well, today is the day. About 22 NM from Roche Harbor back home to Skyline. It was another beautiful summer day, and Roche Harbor was hoppin’. It was quite an experience just maneuvering through the marina and around the line of boats waiting to check in at the Customs Dock.

Peak season, and Roche Harbor is busy!

As we were exiting the harbor a Kenmore Air flight landed in the channel right next to us.

I’ll bet the passengers were surprised to see us up close.

Lots of boat traffic back and forth but a nice easy ride through the Islands. Gwen and Miranda took it all in from the foredeck.

Sunny, but OK, not hot. Blankets help.

It was an uneventful trip right up to the very end. We arrived at Skyline at the peak of the flood tide, and the currents at Burrows Passage in the way in to Skyline were as big as I’d ever seen – 4+ knots. What I didn’t realize, but should have, was that there was a fair amount of current getting into our slip, which combined with a bit of wind, kept pushing us off the dock. Not so easy to swing the back end of a single screw boat against wind and current. It took several tries but we got tied up with no contact or damage.

Home at last

5 thoughts on “The Final Leg”

  1. Welcome Home!!! So glad you had a safe and beautiful journey. Brendan and I would love to plan a time to get together and catch up when you have your land legs back.


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