Juneau, July 4th

Yesterday was busy with various resupply runs and boat tasks prior to our daughter Miranda’s arrival on the flight in from Seattle. We learned from Ashley at the Harbor Master’s office that there would be fireworks at 11:59 PM tonight (July 3rd). The reason given was that the mine had the 4th as a holiday and therefore wanted all of the workers to have their celebration hangovers on that day rather than the 5th!

We got Miranda settled in, got groceries put away and had a very nice (second) birthday dinner at local restaurant Salt, where, by the way, I had to request salt for my salad. Everyone had a little chuckle about that.

After dinner we came back to the boat and waited for the fireworks. I took the opportunity to grab a quick nap – the only way at my advanced age to last until midnight. All of the cruise ships departed and we had a clear view of Gastineau Channel where it appeared that the fireworks barge was setting up right in front of us. We had front row seats to a fantastic 20 minute display. It was especially fun to hear the explosions reverberate against the mountains on either side of the channel.

The plan for today is to do a little more shopping/provisioning, maybe get out to Mendenhall Glacier, maybe watch the parade. Tomorrow we are off towards Glacier Bay.

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