Provisioning in Ketchikan

We spent yesterday in Ketchikan doing boat chores (filling the water tanks, laundry), provisioning at the local Safeway and enjoying the abundant liquid sunshine.

Here is Gwen taking her turn dragging the heavily laden grocery cart the mile or so from the store back to the marina.

We also stopped at the local AT&T store to get a SIM card because our vaunted T-Mobile (not actually) “Unlimited” plan cut off our “domestic roaming” data at 200 MB. It turns out that they have no service here and need to buy from AT&T. What we also learned is that the cruise ships lined up at the edge of the harbor effectively create a cellular dead zone…

I also purchased a King Salmon stamp in hopes of being able to a) understand the rules and limits in the various management areas, and then, b) actually catch one.

Dinner in town last night with the crews of Sanwan and our neighbors from Anacortes on Swede Dreams. Lots of stories shared along with tips on great anchorages and places to visit.

This morning we fuel up and head out to Tolstoi Bay on Prince of Whales Island.

One thought on “Provisioning in Ketchikan”

  1. We are enjoying sunny weather here! Swimming/snorkeling while divers were out. Miranda caught up on sleep. She is amazingly mature and a great conversationalist! Love her so so much. We will book snorkeling tour to Sting Ray City Friday when no cruise ships are in harbor.πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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