We departed Prince Rupert at 5 AM this morning for the 83 NM run to Ketchikan. The weather forecast called for even milder conditions than we expected and we had an easy, smooth crossing of Dixon Entrance, the last “gate” to Alaska from the Seattle area.

Our friends Ted and Sarah on Sanwan ran a bit ahead of us ang got a spot at the centrally located Casey Moran floats, right where the cruise ships dock. They said there was room for a 50 ft boat right across from them.

Did I mention that our boat is actually 51 feet long? We just barely squeezed into the spot.

This was after they helped move the fishing boat behind us back a few feet…

Plenty of room, right?

So here we are, finally in Alaska! We will stay in Ketchikan for two days to provision and fuel up, then off to explore.

The view. Apparently the cruise ships depart at 5 each day.

One thought on “Ketchikan!”

  1. I thought you were 54’… seems like an example of Parisian parking I once saw. Of course you’d fit right in here in Somerville with that approach.


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