Sullivan Bay

Yesterday, after Larry recovered from his GI bug – during which he was not happy to hear that what I offered was “supportive care”, not a magical cure from my medical kit – we departed Port Harvey for a several hour cruise to Sullivan Bay.

On the way we passed Health Bay, a First Nations village. Maybe I should have taken Larry there the day before.

Longhouse at Health Bay

Along the way we have pretty consistently been seeing a lot of logs in the water, which we need to avoid or we could have a larger hole in the hull. It’s nice when the birds are hanging out on them to give us a heads up. The tides have been large recently so that tends to bring the logs into the water from the beaches.

Sullivan Bay is a village with several thousand linear feet of docks anchored in well over 100 feet of water, some lined by floating houses which are summer houses for fishing fanatics. It’s early in the season, so only a handful of boats stayed the night. The total length of all the docks is around 1.3 KM, so I walked the docks for some exercise. Got back in the boat just before a torrential squall hit.

Some of the floating homes in Sullivan Bay, taken from our boat on the outer dock.

This morning dawned clear and mild, and we are off to Allison Harbor for the night, hopefully to make the crossing of Cape Caution tomorrow if the weather predictions hold steady.

Morning view from Sullivan Bay

One thought on “Sullivan Bay”

  1. Too bad you couldn’t get Larry to the Longhouse….I bet they would have something to “plug him up.” Enjoy, enjoy. Much love, Aunt Jan


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