Puerto Los Cabos

After spending a bit of time in La Paz to have some more boat work done, including the fuel system, repairing the spotlight, a good wax job (for the boat), a side trip to Todos Santos (more on this in another post), stainless steel cleaning, a couple of coats of varnish, and a bottom cleaning (again, for the boat), it was time to head South toward Puerto Los Cabos and the long journey back to the Pacific Northwest.

The first leg of the trip brought us to Bahia Los Muertos, where we last stopped during CUBAR in 2019. There appears to have been quite a bit of development in the area, including a high end resort on the beach and a fair number of houses outside the north end of the anchorage. Notably, the N end of the anchorage by the restaurant(which has the best protection from the prevailing winds) now had 5 very large (but unoccupied) mooring bouys, making it impossible to anchor close in. We don’t have any idea who the bouys belong to.

Dawn at Muertos

The next morning we were off bright and early for the 72 mile run down to Marina Puerto Los Cabos. The day was warm and sunny, and the water temperature was up close to 80 degrees. Gwen read a Facebook post from one of our CUBAR buddies reporting successful fishing along this route a couple of days before, so I tossed out a couple of lures to see what would happen. Not much, as it turned out, until it was time to pull the lines in. As I was reeling in, I got a strike and brought a very small tuna into the boat. How small? I didn’t need the gaff to land it. I saw that it was hooked pretty cleanly through the mouth and decided to return it to the sea to get a little bigger. Over the side it went and off like a shot!

We entered the surprisingly uncrowded marina and settled in to our spots on C dock. Of course, now that we are down here and ready to go, the weather has not been cooperative. The trip up the west coast of is known as the Baja Bash because of the prevailing NW wind and seas, which can build quite a bit durning the hot, sunny days. We don’t have a timeline, so we are settling in to wait for a good weather window that will allow for a little less bashing. How long that will take, we don’t know… but we did pay for a month of moorage since the daily rates are quite a bit higher.

Miss Miranda and Duet at Puerto Los Cabos

We filled up with fuel and have prepared for a passage. We’ve had a couple of calls with OMNI Bob, and have already decided to take a pass on the first (marginal) weather window. There could be another one opening in early June, but a bit early to tell. We just need to be ready to go on 24 hours notice. Meanwhile, Miss Miranda’s air conditioning systems are getting an extensive workout in the warm weather.