Does This Man Need a Haircut?!

Help me out here. Larry has not had a haircut since the end of December – this is cruising and pandemic hair at its worst (finest?).

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14 thoughts on “Does This Man Need a Haircut?!”

  1. Oh, Larry should definitely keep the hair. He looks like a rugged sea fairing scalliwag!

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  2. I couldn’t get to the reply button fast enough! Needs a cut or needs to dress like he’s been marooned on a desert island for the last 6 months!


  3. We love his hair. All the male neighbors are letting their grey/white hair grow long and then going for a pony tail. So weird but they are enjoying it. Aunt Jan


  4. Well I think he should keep it growing. It opens up so many options for Halloween. He could dye it red and go for the Ronald McDonald look or mouse it back and go as Don King. Or better yet gel it down and try for weird Al So many options


  5. Thanks to all of the big hair supporters… but Gwen made a haircut appointment for today. No more lost in the wilderness, pandemic look for me. We will post before and after pics.


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