Arrival in Santa Barbara!

It is 5:30 am Monday morning and we have just pulled into the Arrivals dock in the Santa Barbara Harbor to await a slip assignment (hopefully!) – they are first come first serve, but still had two slips at 5pm last night. If they don’t, we will anchor.

To all our insomniac friends, thank you for coming along with us on the journey through your text messages and emails! We love having your company during dark nights. Now get some rest.

Looking to the head of the Arrivals dock.

570 nautical miles and 69 hours from our departure from Brookings, numerous Point passings and 3 really nice days and uneventful nights. Whale sightings too numerous to count. Several sea lions and lots of pelicans. Dolphins swimming on our bow for an hour last night while I slept. Lots of ramen noodles, frozen burritos and frozen leftovers.

Larry napping on the calmest day.

We passed San Francisco near sunset but it was hazy and we had to dodge cargo traffic. No stunning view of the Golden Gate bridge, but a fabulous sunset.

Moonrise over San Francisco
Sunset off San Francisco. The cargo ship looks tiny there but by the time we cleared the harbor behind another one it was within a mile or two of us, picking up its pilot to enter the harbor.

I don’t have any pictures of this but there are numerous oil wells off the coast now. It is a weird site to see these huge hulking brightly lit towers appear on the horizon. We gave them a wide berth.

We will spend a couple of days here exploring, sleeping and enjoying the warm weather!

2 thoughts on “Arrival in Santa Barbara!”

  1. Santa Barbara waterfront is beautiful. Good restaurants And Danny said there are a couple of good wineries!💕🤗💕🤗 Sent from my iPad



  2. Wow! I’m impressed and relieved that you are having such a good trip along the California coast. Are you still planning on stopping at Catalina Island? Aunt Jan


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