After 3 days of detective and repair work on our fuel system, all is right with the world. No engine hiccups or air bubbles on our sea trial yesterday.

We had a wonderful meal at the marina Sea Glass restaurant last night, slept well and got ready to toss off the lines this morning.

Van Isle marina in the background as we depart.

The weather in the Strait of Juan de Fuca will be somewhat windy this morning but nothing concerning for us.

We will head to Neah Bay and likely anchor overnight. It is 77 miles to Neah Bay, which will be an excellent final test before heading into the ocean.

Tomorrow morning we’ll pow wow again with our weather guru, but good news is that it looks like we will have a nice two day window over the weekend to get down into the Oregon coast and maybe even cross into California.

The sun is trying to break through as we head past Sidney.

Now we can really break into the snack box!

3 thoughts on “Departure”

  1. Bon voyage! We hope your travels are smooth and safe with beautiful sights and delightful adventures. Looking forward to reading all about the journey ahead.


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