Shearwater to Rescue Bay

Tuesday morning was sunny and clear, a real contrast to the previous day. We prepared for a late morning departure to time the currents at Perceval Narrows on our way to Rescue Bay.

As we were pulling away from the dock, Triceratops paddled and peddled away in front of us to restart their wind and people powered Race to Alaska. We wished them a speedy journey as we passed them in the channel.


We had several interesting waypoints on the way to Rescue Bay. The first was this narrow rocky passage. Yes, we had to go through this. 


We poked our nose into Milbanke Sound and felt some Pacific swells before turning into Perceval Narrows. The entry is fairly narrow and around a sharp right turn. We found lots of debris and logs in the channel. All uneventful since we had planned well and there was not significant current. 

The rest of the journey up Mathieson Channel was peaceful and warm – Larry and I took turns napping on the bow in the sun.


Fortunately we were both awake when a frisky group of Dall’s porpoises decided to visit and ride our bow! It was incredibly cool to see up close how fast they are – they obviously had great sport jumping over the bulbous bow and riding our bow wave. Larry got a great video of them which we will post when we have better bandwidth.


We anchored in Rescue Bay and Ted and Sarah rafted to us.

Looking out from our bow toward the entrance to the anchorage. Ted and Sarah waiting in Sanwan to tie to us.

We spent the evening watching birds diving, sea otters playing and watching the tide turn the bay into a large pond. We didn’t crab, since the otters dine on them there wouldn’t be any for us! Today we are heading to Kutze Bay. Currently we are passing the First Nations area of Klemtu so can make this blog update.

3 thoughts on “Shearwater to Rescue Bay”

  1. Gwennie—sometimes your descriptions of events puts a large lump in my throat but you always seem to come out cheery and ready for the next turn. Yikes!! Glad you studied so hard to be ready for anything. Love you both, Aunt Jan

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